Sheikhoo “Quite a Handful”

Sheikhoo was a name that hit me the wrong way whenever I passed by it; always made me wonder. It seemed to be out of place with all the mondelanos, nandos, freddys around. So we did what we had to; explore. Lucky for us we got invited to pay a visit to the place. This place had tia maria in its days and now its all gone sheikhoo. Entering from the left of the building the alley caught our attention with its  open air setting and suddenly the idea of outdoor dining seemed all too enticing. But we were invited inside first; pretty decent dining setup in the hall as well but what was really nice was the long hallway with sitting on the side for sheesha lovers. Everything in that spot was done perfectly; the multicolor light globes on top of each table, the table themselves and the area. Why do seesha lovers get the best in life? Why?

We looked around, snapped what we liked and by then our food was ready and served. We had chicken Manchurian, Chicken Chili Dry with Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Cheese Burger, Chicken Steak and an array of Sheikhoo signature cocktails including the ginger lemonade, virgin pina colada, chocolate fever and the cherry cutie. Wow doesn’t this sound mouth watering? Let me tell you how it actually was- mouth watering! Honestly we weren’t expecting this taste. The rice was cooked to perfection. Each dish had a separate taste and although Chicken Manchurian is a common thing around we still found this one better. Chicken chilli dry was as beautiful as it looked. They say looks can be deceiving but I guess not in this case, the taste was actually a fraction bit better. The steak wasn’t the best around. Now lets come to the burger.  This is of course one of our localized burgers devoured by locals and ones you would munch on at S&P anytime of the day. This was one place that had the same taste as S&P, so even the burger gets a thumbs up. The cocktails were a pleasant follow-up on a good meal but did not have the most exotic of tastes. They were nonetheless a viable replacement of the sodas and because sheikhoo is so well priced despite the fact it’s around MM Alam road,  a combo for a main course with any cocktail wouldn’t worry you at bill time. Honestly!
We think this place is as good as the restaurants around (actually a bit better in our experience), and to top it all off its well priced or actually very well priced. The varied ambience is something that adds to the flavor. If you haven’t, you must!


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Superstar gets beaten by buddies


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Ok I had to do this. I had to find out what the fuss was about once I ate the superstar. There I said to myself this cant be the best that Hardees has to offer ‘cuz it aint that good’. So I decided on trying the others. It took me a couple of trips till I could come up with the conclusion hence the time that this researched consumed was the most time consuming I have done in my life. I hope I could’ve worked this hard for my college.
Anyways, this time around we decided on getting different burgers each and so we sat down with the superstar, Jalapeno Burger, Mushroom and Swiss Thick burger and a Big Burger with Cheese.  I started off with the jalapeno burger, not that great honestly so lets move on. See my problem with Hardees till that moment was its very flat taste, my taste buds hardly wake up during the course of eating 200 pounds of beef. We Pakistanis need a little salt in our stuff and we pass out everything else as tasteless.  However, when I bit on the swiss burger, thankfully it got the taste buds running. It was a pleaser of a mouthful especially for someone who likes mushrooms. The different tastes, yes I repeat tastes this time around, combined with the meat was all that you would like your food to be. Moving on to the Big burger. It was again something that was really flavorsome. It tastes like the royal burger from another fast food joint bit a little better because of Hardees superior bun quality. So heres our top chart for Hardees.
Hardees TOP 4
1. Mushroom Swiss Burger
2. Big Cheese Burger
3. Superstar
4. Jalapeno Burger

Superstar sitting proud

Please see that there is still more of Hardees to be explored, like their chicken burgers. For now this is what we got.

tossdown beefs up the search

We beefed up the search. Till now we didn’t like our search, I know, we didn’t as well and we were just busy gathering data. Now that we had a bit of that, it was about time we put up a nice ‘show’ while giving it you.

tossdown search

tossdown search

Have a look at the ‘Refine Search’ on the side which could be used to refine your search results. The results are displayed both in a list format and also as real-time map locations. We would like you to use this and give us the feedback, that’s the only thing important for us.

Hardees Hits Hard


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Lahore is all about eating out; that is why was born here and now the Hardees Boys are in town. Somehow they have had a good research done, so it seems, chose the best place to launch their brand and they weren’t disappointed at all. I am sure every management will feel fluffy to see people killing to get inside to have a ‘piece of their meat’ as they call it at hardees. We were lucky to squeeze in at the mark and when we saw a long line we were a bit perplexed, couldn’t decide to stay or leave but we had to do it, it was our ‘job’. Imagine that’s what we do for a living, eat.

It took us a good hour to reach the counter but it wasn’t all that bad in the line as well. Sometimes you just need that sort of an entertainment as well. Inching every 5 minutes towards the counter looking around fishing for stuff that might amuse us and if it was good enough we would share it with you. So yeah besides the loads we dissolved, the interior needs a praise with a lot of sun pouring in. Its November and things looked pleasant we are not sure how they would take June. The seating was a bit unusual as well; besides the usual benches they had those high chairs that you may find in a giants dining room and some real contemporary seats and chair setups, pretty funky I would say.
Ok ok I can hear your stomachs growl but hey you have to wait till we did in the line. Just kidding! Lets get to the point, we reach the counter and order their main stuff i.e. Super Star and Hardees Original Thick Burger. They handed us our order tent and our glasses so we could fill in the drinks as much as we could. I repeat its drink as much as you can but don’t you guys go crazy on the soda. Too much can make you hyper! Atleast that’s what the moms say. The orders were delivered in about 5 minutes and that food was the prettiest of sights I have seen. Nicely half wrapped HUGE burgers. Mind you the biggest we have seen, exactly what our lahori tummys were yerning for. Besides them were laying those graceful crisp fries. As soon as the burgers hits the deck we took the chips and landed straight on our taste buds and they dived straight down our throats as if they were more desperate and waiting than us. Beautiful exotic taste. They actually felt like real fries unlike the plastic ones we get at other fast food joints. Now to the burgers. We had to pick these beefed babys carefully and put them in our mouth and taste every cubic mm of what they had to offer. Nice juicy burger, tossed with fresh veggies and soft buns. Trust me we know burgers like no other and these were amazing burgers. I would rate the super star better than the original one. Great food nice ambience great service. We loved it and the taste still lingers onto me like the good old first love. You must try it.

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Ramadan Iftar and Sehri deals at restaurants across pakistan


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Eating out is the biggest entertainment while you are in Pakistan but in the month of Ramadan iftar buffets become a festivity. Most iftaris have to be planned out because we feel 30 days aren’t enough to enjoy the scrumptious array of meals you get around your city.
This year around brings the hottest iftari and sehri deals from eatouts across you city. These deals have all the necessary information for you to make your decision.
So go ahead see what you like.

Iftar Deals in your city Mobile App Beta Launched

We launched a working beta for the flashlite based mobile application. For all those handsets that are flashlite enabled can now simply copy the app and run it. It needs an active *GPRS connection.

*Charges may apply according to your GPRS plan.

Application Features:

  • Search eatouts in your city according to foodtype & area.
  • Search deals in your city
  • View exclusive discount e-coupons

Screens Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240

Known Issues:

  1. Connectivity issues in Windows Mobile Platform
  2. Not saving preferences at the moment.
  3. Other performance issues.

We are in constant development and improvement of this application. Understanding the growing market for blackberry & iphone, we would be also releasing an app compatible with these 2 platforms as well.

If you have any suggestions please write to us at:

Food Chains in Pakistan with multiple branches takes a bold step in managing eatouts with multiple outlets. Now you can view information on each and every outlet for KFC, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, AFC & Nandos. This is a much needed information specially when you are looking for the ‘nearest’ outlet for any of these food chains. We hope to add and update food chains and their outlets both local and international as we move further in our hunt of finding dine out places across Pakistan. Till then we would like you to bear with us. updates its mobile portal for the Blackberry browser specially and also gets a ‘Facelift’. Now you have the ‘Eatout Portal in your Palm’. You will not only get access to basic information such as phone nos and addresses but also find places that have wifi & outdoor sitting, buffet or free delivery. You can also read user reviews within your mobile browser and deciede where you would like to go. This and much more coming soon… Mobile Browser Mobile Browser

Sabir Daal Chawal, Main Market, Lahore

Again its late in the night and we are searching for food, yes exotic food jaded with all the fancy places we holed out to the tight little streets that offshoot from fancy busy markets. We had affirmative information about this Daal/Chawal place in Main Market and we were going to find it and so we did. Eyeing spying and interrogating bystanders we finally reached our destination just opposite K.M. Store in a street just beside an optician there it was ‘Sabir Daal Chawal’ with a sweet little board naming its brand.
We sat behind the man hosting the huge dishes. The moment we settled our eye caught the rate list right on the wall, not something to worry about at all and still you are promised good food and we immediately put this promise to a test. We order ourselves, daal/chawal with a tikki, we didn’t have much choice on the menu although you can add a boiled egg for your liking, along with clear sodas. The very first bite everyone looked at each other and confirmed the good taste. Just as we were informed, it was really delicious and yes to mention here very hygienic as well. Imagine a plate of boiled white rice with daal topped with pickled salad and a potato tikki along with chatni, easily makes your mouth water just as it is doing for me while I mention this all. I think it was a great casual meal that’s not at all heavy on the pocket neither importantly on the health and plus you get to have a good time and the feeling of dining out. Its something we would recommend to people not living with their families to have everyday even, honestly its that good.

Daal Chawal

Daal Chawal