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About a decade ago, going out for breakfast for Pakistanis meant only one thing; stuffing themselves with delicious traditional breakfast cuisines! Desi favorites ranging anywhere from crispy fried puris, to sugary sweet halwas; From savory herbed channas (chickpea curry) and pickled aaloo bhaaji(pickled potatos with herbs ) to paaye (goat feet curry), nihaari (beef curry) with fluffy soft naans (bread), and refreshing lassi (yogurt & milk drink)… ! These majestic recipes are part of our culture and will always be an essential part of who we are.

Back then no one could imagine going out in the morning just to eat bread and eggs. Fortunately, with the evolution of media and internet, cross-cultural transitions, eating trends have also taken a 180 degree turn.  It’s not just the five star hotels that offer authentic English breakfasts. Days of conventional breakfast menus are long gone. Now we have the luxury to choose from breakfast platters categorized as English breakfast, American breakfast, individual servings of omelets, pancakes, waffles and sidelines including croissants, sausages and hash-browns! You can also try out some appetizing bread baskets of sorts, enticing flavors of tea and coffee, fresh fruits & juices and well just about the whole  breakfast caboodle!

blueberry pancakes - Coffee Tea & Company

Breakfast as World Fashion Cafe

Top ranking breakfast hangouts in Lahore are of course the much coveted Coffee Tea and Company (CTC) and Espresso. Restaurants rapidly gaining momentum in this delectable race are English Tea House & World Fashion Café. Coffee lovers plan out their Sunday mornings in eateries like Gloria Jeans Coffees and Espresso Coffee House  just to smell that wonderful aroma of coffee beans coupled with freshly baked muffins.

english tea house breakfast platter

espresso coffee house

espresso coffee house

Weekends are now looked forward to with invigorated excitement because going out for breakfast with friends and family  has become a pleasant-tasting experience. With doctors forever stressing about the importance of breakfast and how its the most essential meal of the day, the increasing popularity of these breakfast joints ought to bring some relief for our doctors now wouldn’t you say?