Citizens of Lahore need an excuse to  eat. And what better way than to indulge in specialties apt for respective seasons of the year.  Soothing our scorching summers with bundles of cold mangoes, Bidding farewell to chilly winters with hot, sweetly scented halwas …. oh well the list is a long one and demands an article on its own. With monsoon rains crashing down like candy from a broken piñata, its again time for the people of Lahore to concentrate on what they do best i.e.,  EAT. The pitter patter of rain immediately send our hearts thumping with joy. We begin to fantasize about tempting, crispy concoctions that are hard to put down once you start eating. “Pakoras” are all time favorites in the South-East Asia region; Vegetables or chicken pieces coated with a generous amount of deliciously spiced gram flour and then fried. You can’t possibly fathom a nice rainy evening sitting on the front porch without a heap of sizzling pakoras on your plate. Another delicious snack from the pakora clan is the well-known “Samosa”. Thin flour rotis wrapped over minced meat, veges, cheese etc. Now places that boast of the best tasting pakoras & samosas are situated in the inner city of Lahore. Places like Data Darbar, Gawaal Mandi, Liberty have some of the oldest and finest little establishments offering these sinful treats.

Pakoras being made in the Data Darbar area (Lahore)

Some of the best Pakoras in the city - Data Darbar area (Lahore)

Runners up in the list of tantalizing appetizers on any typical rainy day are hot syrupy jalebis, namak paaray and well…like I said earlier, If you’re in Lahore then there will always an endless list of delicious foods to soothe your taste buds!