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Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today (or if there’s a wall on one side, just play along will you:p)? Is your day not going as planned? Is dinner time a complete bummer when you see watery lentils swimming in a sea of yellowy water begging an escape? Well don’t you worry because here’s the tossdown lifesaving mantra for a day just like that!!! Gorge down some scrumptious, juicy, meat from Arizona Grill!!! Meat that cuts through like butter but tastes so amazingly chewy and flavorful its just wrong not to indulge yourself. And did I mention the Mash Potatoes!!? The most perfectly delectable potato mush I have ever had. The buttery, garlicky flavour is such a beautiful memory, I just want to lock it in my happy place. Sigh.

American Steak at Arizona Grill, Lahore

American Steak at Arizona Grill, Lahore

So before you even think of ruining a perfectly nice day because of a few crummy events, think again!!!